Saturday, January 21, 2006

alter ego

Day 146
21 January 2006

One of the assignments for my Romanticism class is to pick either a work or an author that we are studying this semester and do a survey of recent criticism on that topic. We had to email Dr. Blackwood (the professor; not his real name) yesterday afternoon and let him know which topic we wanted to work on. Then while I was talking to Sara this afternoon, we discovered that we had both requested the same topic (Maria Edgeworth). So I emailed Blackwood again and asked him if we could work together on it. I am beginning to think that Sara and I are actually the same person ... or perhaps I am her evil twin.

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Sara D. N. said...

...good times! Remember the afternoon we figured it all out, and how Blackwood decided that our paper was written in one voice? Well, we were meant to work together! (and if we are alter egos - and it pretty much looks like it - then I would be Mr. Hyde... for reasons we are both aware of... =) )