Tuesday, January 17, 2006

first response

Day 142
17 January 2006

We're required to write a response to three of the plays we read in Drama over the course of the semester. We get to choose which ones we want to respond to, but I haven't even heard of most of the stuff we're reading. I signed up for one by Tom Stoppard, whom I've at least heard of and know I like, and two others completely at random. I'm also a big fan of getting stuff out of the way early in the semester, before bigger assignments start coming due, so I chose to write a response to the very first play we're reading, Arcadia. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but really struggled to write two whole pages (single-spaced!) of analysis. Also, it wasn't until I looked at the syllabus that I realized I was going to have to read my analysis aloud to the class, as a basis for that day's discussion. Yikes. And of course I put it off until the absolute last minute, and then stayed up until 5 a.m. writing the response, which was incredibly stupid, because after about 2 a.m. my brain is no longer capable of producing good writing. Fortunately I don't have class until 1:35 on Tuesdays, so I had time to finish up my response this morning. My new resolution: never to stay up past 2:00 a.m., even if it means not getting my homework done.

It turns out that having a geek husband can sometimes be an advantage, even in an English graduate program. Arcadia had a lot of math in it – not numbers or equations, necessarily, but math concepts and math jokes, some of which I only understood because of conversations I've had with Glen. Stoppard started the play with a joke about Fermat's theorem, which I understood (the joke, not the theorem, obviously), and was inordinately pleased with myself for understanding. Fractals showed up a lot in the play as well, both implicitly and explicitly, and I was also pleased with myself for noticing that. My classmates declared themselves impressed by my mathematical knowledge, and I was terribly flattered.

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