Thursday, February 23, 2006

drama queen

Day 179
23 February 2006

We read Copenhagen for Drama today. Finally, a play I could read without getting horribly disturbed and going to bed depressed. There is some good contemporary drama out there, and I've been very impressed with a lot of the stuff we've read, but I can't really say I've enjoyed most of it. (Stoppard is the exception to this; we read three of his plays, and I liked all three without reservation.) Apparently modern drama is supposed to be disturbing, because that's what forces the audience out of their comfort zone so they start thinking about the issues presented in the play. Well, OK, but if I promise to think seriously about heavy social issues on my own time, can I stop having to read plays where people do nasty things like put out horses' eyes (Equus) or kill their babies and get dragged away to hell by the fairies (The Skriker) or trick other people into killing them with a matte knife (The Gift of the Gorgon)?

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