Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Day 163
7 February 2006

My translation of Horace was a parody. The professor was emphatic in his belief that we would fail to adequately translate this poem, as generations had failed before us; that we would be wrecked upon the treacherous rocks and shoals of the Horation ode ... oddly enough, the Ode we were supposed to translate used the shipwreck image as well, so I decided write about our presumed failure. Instead of a love-struck youth coming to grief on the violent sea of love, I wrote about a student coming to grief while trying to translate Horace. Probably a cop-out, but I did actually put some thought into the execution.

Annoying Boy showed up with a HUGE graphical representation of the poem. It was odd. Not a bad idea, just ... odd.

Annoying Boy: in almost every one of my classes, including the ones I took as an undergraduate, there has been one person who just BUGGED ME. Sometimes the feeling was mutual; I suspect that most of the time, however, they had no idea how annoying they were. I think it probable that many other students have the same experience, and I think that for many people I am the Annoying Person in their class. (I did have a professor once who asked me to stop commenting so often in class, because another student had complained.) So why does this particular guy annoy me so much? His attitude, mostly. It's not just that he always thinks he knows all the answers, it's the way he talks and the way he responds to the other students - he gives me the impression that he thinks we're all idiots.

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