Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympic update

Day 168
12 February 2006

Olympic update:

ski jumping: boring
5,000 meter "speed" skating: also boring
biathlon: weird

The post-event interviews with the athletes are a little surreal. It's as though the interviewer has four questions she's going to ask, and Chad Hedrick's got four answers he's going to give, but somewhere along the way they got shuffled, and now his answers don't match her questions. She asks how he managed to get his emotions under control after his emotional warm-up, and he talks about how he was inspired during the race by the memory of his grandmother. She asks if the memory of his grandmother was an inspiration to him, and he talks about his drive to compete. She asks about the competitive spirit of the Olympics, and he talks about how he was fated to win this race on this day. And so on. Is either of them even listening to the other? Someone should write an absurdist theater piece using transcripts of actual athlete interviews from sporting events.

Query: why do I know the tune to Germany's national anthem?


Heidi said...

You know it because the tune is one used by one of our hymns... Random, eh.

Octavia said...

OK, now that you say that, yeah ... I can't think which one it is, though. It must be one we don't sing as often.