Friday, February 10, 2006


Day 166

10 February 2006


I'm such a sucker for pageantry. I watched the opening ceremonies of the Torino Olympics tonight, and got all weepy when I saw Chris Witty come in carrying the U.S. flag. Other stuff I liked from the opening ceremonies:

  • the buff guy with the hyperbolically large hammer who kept hitting an anvil, and every time he hit it a huge burst of flame came out. (I forget what that was supposed to symbolize; it was just cool.)
  • the in-line skaters with jets of flame coming out of their helmets.
  • the oddly amusing waltzers in cow-print costumes.
  • Carla Bruni in a shimmering floor-length dress, carrying the Italian flag, and handing it off to an Italian soldier in his very ceremonial-looking uniform. She was so beautiful, and her motions and his uniform invested the moment with so much significance.
  • and the fireworks, of course. You just can't beat Stuff Blowing Up.

I had a bad moment when Yoko Ono got up to recite a bit from “Imagine” - I thought they were going to let her sing it. Peter Gabriel sang it instead, which was exponentially more acceptable, but his performance was disappointing, I thought. He didn't look like he was that into it, and he didn't sound like it either.

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