Thursday, April 27, 2006

three strange days

Day 242
27 April 2006

For three strange days, I had no obligations
My mind was a blur, I did not know what to do
And I think I lost myself when I lost my motivation ...
- School of Fish, Three Strange Days

Finals week passed in a blur of sleepless nights and badly written papers. My Mom came to visit from Idaho; I pressed her into service as a babysitter while I took the final exam for my drama class. I was nervous about the exam. I hadn't had time to prepare as well as I would have liked. There was at least one play on the syllabus that I never read. Plus I felt that my term paper was a tad subpar (read: total rubbish) so I figured I needed to do really well on the test if I wanted to get a good grade in the class. As it turned out, I got a 95 on the paper - but of course I didn't find that out until I'd already sweated through the exam.

Now it's time to spend a few days just breathing. I only have one class for Spring term, so I'm hoping to be able to get my prospectus filed in June ... but until next Wednesday, when classes start up again ... no commitments, no obligations. What is it that I do when I'm not in class, anyway?

Oh, and the assignment to write and produce a stage scene? It didn't actually kill me. I am persuaded more than ever that I should not do any kind of creative writing, but I fudged a bit on this assignment. My script turned out to be more like creative non-fiction. I took bits and pieces of actual conversations I had with Glen over the course of the semester, tidied them up, and cobbled them together until the script was 5 minutes long. Link had his stage debut, as himself, interrupting our conversation to tell us that he needed to go to the bathroom. He was fabulous. Some of the other scenes were really, really good. I was amazed at what people had done with five minutes of stage time.

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