Wednesday, May 03, 2006

eau de frat boy, part deux

Day 247
3 May 2006

Time to box up Del’s stuff for shipment. He has already assured me that there is nothing either illegal or alive amongst his belongings. I have, however, taken the precaution of donning latex gloves before digging in. I decline to ship the acoustic guitar (sans case), the George Foreman grill, and the two crock pots – too much trouble. The rest of it is mostly clothes. Among the expected hip and/or snarky t-shirts and baggy jeans, a few items of interest:

  • something that appears to be a shoe-polishing kit, in a ziploc. Why? Is he huffing the shoe polish? The only shoes he wears are Etnies.

  • I'm going to assume he wears the D.A.R.E. t-shirt ironically

  • not one, but two bright purple polo shirts, one of which is from Eddie Bauer

  • an “alumni” t-shirt from “the UCMT family of schools.” He must get these at thrift stores.

  • A hillion jillion gazillion dirty socks, including one oddball tube sock with rasta-colored stripes around the top. I can see the advantage of having that many socks: you never have to wash them. When you've worn them once (or however many times you can tolerate, which in his case appears to be significantly more than once) you simply move on to another pair. But in that case, why not just throw them away when you're done with them? Why keep them around to clutter up your apartment and vex you when it's time to move? They are neither useful nor decorative in their current state.

Total: 5 medium-large moving boxes, exuding just a hint of eau de frat boy. I intend to ship them USPS, but am not sure what I should do when they ask me if the packages contain any hazardous materials.

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