Monday, May 01, 2006

eau de frat boy

Day 245
1 May 2006

Mom went home on Saturday (April 29th). It was a good visit, relatively stress-free, and Link and the Peach had a really good time with Grandma. Then yesterday I came home from church to find three messages from Mom waiting for me, asking me to give her a call. Her tone of voice was pretty casual, but the fact that she left three messages in a row without giving me any information about why she was calling was, you know, a little suspicious. (Last time that happened, she was calling to tell me that my father had died.) I decided to call her back sooner rather than later.

This time, it turned out that she just wanted me to help my Delinquent Younger Brother (shall I call him "Del"?) move home. And even that wasn't as annoying as it sounds. He was all packed up and ready to go, but he was traveling by bus, and couldn't take all his stuff with him. No problem, I can stash it in my garage and ship it to him later.

OK, saying that his stuff was already "packed" might have been a teeny overstatement - it was actually stuffed into numerous garbage bags. Whatever. It all fit in my Corolla just fine. I dropped him at the bus station and headed home. By the time I arrived at my house (about an hour later) I was starting to notice an unfamiliar smell coming from the back seat of the car ... a pungent mixture of sweaty socks, stale beer, and cigarette smoke, a sort of Eau de Frat Boy. Nice. I hope it's not permanent. Link tends to throw up if there are funny smells in the car.

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