Friday, May 19, 2006

full committee

Day 263
19 May 2006

And did I mention that I found a third member for my committee? I talked to Dr. Victoria yesterday about my project, and she agreed to serve as my second reader ... or maybe my third reader. I'm not really sure how that works. If my committee chair is also my first reader, then Victoria is my third reader. Whatever. Anyway, I have a committee now.

I'm excited to work with Victoria; my non-evil twin recommends her very highly. I had originally intended for my project to be more involved with the history of the novel, and to examine how the early-nineteenth-century novel is either an outgrowth of or a break from previous trends. But I wanted to work with Victoria badly enough that I've adjusted the scope of my project: it will now focus more on where the novel is going in the nineteenth century, as opposed to where it came from in the eighteenth.

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Sara D. N. said...

Dr. Victoria? *lol*