Wednesday, May 31, 2006

liveblog: cleaning the rental

Day 275
31 May 2006

We've discovered that it's nearly impossible to get any packing or cleaning done at the rental when the kids are with us, because the rental is now decidedly un-babyproof. So Glen and I have taken it in turns to go to the rental, pack, clean, and bring stuff back to the new house. Finally, at about 6:00 this evening, we realized that we were going to have to make a bilateral attack on the kitchen if we were going to get out in time to avoid paying extra rent, so we hauled everyone back to the rental. We stuck Peach in her stroller, parked her where she could see us, and supplied her with snacks; Link we left to run amok if he so desired (which he did). As you might imagine, much hilarity ensued:

6:40 Peach grows weary of snacks, starts throwing them on the floor. Counterproductive! Time for a bottle.

6:42 Peach settled in with bottle. All quiet on the Western front.

6:43 Link screaming incoherently in living room. Run to living room, find Link with nosebleed.

6:45 Look for paper towels to clean fresh blood off of living room carpet. Tell Link that he needs to sit VERY STILL, or his nose will start bleeding again.

7:08 Link’s mantra “can I get up yet?” becomes more annoying than his running around. Reluctantly tell him he can get up.

7:27 Link in charge of stroller. Peach giggling. All is well.

7:31 Instruct Link to slow down with the stroller.

7:33 Advise Link that wheelies are not OK.

7:35 Admonish Link to slow down, or he will not be allowed to push the stroller any more.

7:38 Link enters kitchen, advises me that he “turned too hard.” Rush into living room, find a bewildered but otherwise unharmed Peach sitting in her stroller, which is reposing on its side.

7:39 Inform Link that he is in BIG TROUBLE.

8:00 Go to grocery store in search of those little metal saucer thingies that go underneath the burners on the stove, because no way am I going to be able to get the old ones clean in under four hours.

8:49 Three grocery stores later, return in triumph with complete set of burner thingies in hand.

8:50 Discover that I have purchased the wrong variety of thingies. Sigh deeply. Turn my attention to cleaning the oven.

9:28 Glen heads back to store in search of correct thingies.

9:57 Glen returns in triumph with correct thingies in hand.

10:08 Mopping commences.

10:11 Peach's complaints become unbearably strident. Remove Peach from stroller. Make futile attempt to convince her that she really, really needs to stay out of the kitchen while Dada is mopping. Resign myself to carrying her around for the next half hour.

10:42 Hand Peach to Glen. Commence vacuuming.

11:05 Leave keys on counter for landlord. Return home to sleep like the dead.

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anna said...

WOW! I know that this is a little late, but you are SUPERWOMAN, and my hero!