Thursday, May 11, 2006

an open letter to Dan Brown

Day 255

11 May 2006


Dear Dan Brown,

I'm not Catholic, and I really don’t care that you wrote a fictional story wherein Jesus got married and had children and then the Catholic church spent hundreds of years trying to hush it up and kill his descendants. However, you are the poster child for the phrase “source check,” and in that way you really irritate me. In your little blurb at the beginning of The Da Vinci Code you throw around words like “fact” and “accurate” and well documented, and imply that under a thin veil of fiction, your story might really, essentially, be true. Setting aside the issue of truth claims, I would like to say the following: shut up about your sources already. Your “sources” are a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists. And somehow, with all your “research” (which your wife did for you anyway), you couldn’t even manage to correctly describe the geography of Paris, which is not exactly an obscure location. As someone who actually does scholarly research, however lowly, I find your posturing offensive. Also, your writing is very bad.


Octavia S.

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