Tuesday, October 31, 2006

just for you, Anna

Breakfast of Champions

breakfast of grad students

breakfast of Anna and Brooke, and sometimes Jacob


Anna B said...

just get me an iv!! you're the best

Octavia said...

Did you like how I found the Wheaties box with the picture of Steve Largent on it? Go Seahawks!

Anna B said...

WOO HOO! Don't you love Seattle? I just have to say, I'm so so so glad we're in the same classes. It makes them so much more fun and cool and SURVIVABLE!

nicole said...

even though this was just for anna i figured it'd be okay if i threw in a comment.

love the daily dew. love it.

that's all.

Heidi said...

Wow... My breakfasts as a grad student are fairly boring... no MD, no jamba... no wheaties... just oatmeal. LOL. Perhaps I'd be more hyper and studious (are those two compatible?) if I did drink stuff with a high concentration of sugar and alcohol... oops, I mean, caffeine... :-D