Wednesday, February 28, 2007

more good news

My university is not known as a place shrouded in mystery. I mean, yes, it gets smoggy here in winter, but that's not mystery; it's just an inversion. However, I am pleased to announce that I am now officially part of a small mystery belonging to the English Department: an anonymous donor has given me some money to help finance my trip to England. Seriously!

The actual deal is that someone established an award, available twice a year, to help "students with an interest in British Romanticism" go to the Wordsworth conference at Grasmere. The award is named after Richard Wordsworth, who founded the conference, but the donor has chosen to remain anonymous (which makes it awkward when you want to send a thank-you note). It will indeed be a big help to this particular student of British Romanticism.

*UPDATE* If it wasn't clear from the original post, I did have to apply for the award - it didn't just fall out of the sky.


Heidi said...

Whoopy do!! Nice. I wish some anonymous something or other would help me with my fees and student loans. *sigh* No one establishes anonymous go anywhere funds for Anglo-Saxonists though. Oh well.

Nicole said...

again, congrats. that's huge--i wish i had an anonymous donor. dangit.