Thursday, June 14, 2007

... and Sara leaves

I don't recall ever crying at the airport before, but I cried when I dropped Sara off there this morning. She's on her way back to Switzerland, where she will start a new job in July (research assistant) and a PhD program next fall.

It's very weird to think that she's not here. Our class schedules have been almost identical for two years, and for the past two semesters we've gone out to dinner together once a week after the night classes we've had. If we didn't see each other every day, then we usually talked on the phone, especially in the past couple of months as she was revising her thesis. I'll see her in August when we're at Grasmere, but in the meantime, who will tell me stories about their crazy roommates?


Heidi said...

Hooray, I finally know where Grasmere is! I was out at Hill Top Farm about a month ago, and we came home by going around Windermere. Really, you should come visit. York is only about 2 hours away. and you are going to LOVE the Lake District. It is so gorgeous I can't even begin to try to explain it.
Saying good-bye is never fun. I think I've done it too often to cry at the airport anymore. But it never gets easier. The inside of you cries even if the outside doesn't. But take heart. The academic world is tiny, and so you will meet again at future conferences. And possibly in future jobs. And follow each other's progress through publications. :)

Sara D. Nyffenegger said...

hon, little confession, I cried in the restroom at my gate after you left! =( at least we can still talk on the phone, in spite of the ghastly time difference...
I can't wait to see you in Grasmere!!!