Saturday, June 30, 2007

class schedule

I haven't signed up for any classes Fall semester, because in theory I'm going to be defending my thesis sometime between September and January*. The past two semesters I've felt like I've had just a little too much on my plate. Between taking classes, and teaching classes, and writing papers, and grading papers, and trying to keep Link and Peach from killing themselves or each other, I've had that butter-scraped-over-too-much-bread feeling that comes from either trying to do too much, or possessing a Ring of Power. (I'll let you guess which of those things I've been doing.) I ended up getting sick a lot, and not doing as well as I wanted to in my classes, and blah blah blah. Anyway, I figured that adding "defending a thesis" to that list was really going to put me over the edge, and I'd better drop one of the other things - so no coursework in Fall.

I did, however, sign up to teach a section of Freshman Comp. (I'm hoping to work off some bad karma by suffering voluntarily.) Today I got my schedule: instead of teaching the usual three-day-a-week schedule, I'll be teaching two days a week, for an hour and fifteen minutes each. Hm ... I'd better start rearranging my syllabus. I also note that instead of teaching in the spiffy new Humanities building, I'll be in an older building in which the classrooms will presumably have limited technical facilities. Yay. I suppose it's about my turn; the past two semesters I've been in classrooms with very good tech facilities. The good news is that I am not teaching early in the morning, which is pretty much my worst fear as an instructor.

*It's an excellent theory. Unfortunately that would require me to write it before then.


Heidi said...

Aw, shifting the syllabus around isn't that tough. You just... move things slightly. :) I used the same syllabi every semester.. why rewrite when you don't have to? Smart move not taking classes the term/semester you defend... you remember how swimmingly OE went for me that term (only B I ever got in grad school. Funny that it's now become my life).

Nicole said...

you should take creative nonfiction with me in the fall. it should be quite...revealing.

i got my teaching schedule too: two sections of advanced writing and no freshman comp. yet lauralee informs me that i still have--i mean get--to come to wimmer. hooray.

Octavia said...

@ heidi: Ouch. I have yet to receive the dreaded B, but I already have a couple of A-'s on my record.

Octavia said...

@ nicole: Did I not just carefully explain why I cannot take any classes next fall?? Also, depending on who else is in that class, "revealing" could so easily become "disturbing." I think I'll pass. Although it would be nice to have another class with you.