Tuesday, June 05, 2007

real geniuses

Actual fragment of conversation that occurred between me and two of my cousins at the Nolls' party:

Terry: Do you ever have that dream where you see yourself dressed up in kind of sun god robes standing on top of a pyramid with all these women throwing little pickles at you?

Me: Why am I the only one who has that dream?

Shel: [walking by] I love that movie!

Seriously, how could I not love these people??


Nicole said...

ha! sounds like a riot. your family is too cool.

Heidi said...

Um... I have to plead ignorance and say I have no idea what movie or dream is being referred to. Clue me in??????????????????? PS for MY break from PhD work... I'm going to SCOTLAND this weekend. Forget Oregon! :-D

Octavia said...

The movie is Real Genius, (hence the title of the post), and it stars a young Val Kilmer. I don't necessarily recommend it for underage audiences, but I grew up watching the Disney version (i. e. edited for language and content) that we had taped off of TV, and thought it was quite funny.