Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sara passes!

Sara has passed her thesis defense. She said the defense turned out to be a lot easier than she had thought it would - she even called it "fun." Frankly, I suspect that she was delirious when she said that. She is a very intelligent and well-educated woman, but when I called her this morning to see if she was ready for her defense, she was in a panic because she needed steak seasoning. I convinced her that that particular task could wait until tomorrow, unless she was planning to eat her committee, which would be a novel way of avoiding her defense, but probably couldn't be counted as "passing." She was pretty much a wreck all day. But, hey - all better now. They didn't ask her any questions she couldn't answer, and they didn't even demand any revisions, so she is well and truly finished.


Nicole said...

hooray for sara--love that girl! hopefully all of us will come away with such wonderful success stories. and plenty of steak seasoning.

Heidi said...

Yippee hurrah! Passing defenses without revisions is marvellous. Not something I can relate to, but very impressive and joyful! I'm glad whoever Sara is, it's now over. :) See, it CAN be done... I'm still a nervous wreck. I panic when I think about it, and part of me hopes that I never have to face some of my committee members again... :-D