Monday, June 25, 2007


I applied for a passport in April, so that I could go to England in July. The State Department was/is estimating a ten- to twelve-week wait for applications to be processed. As of today, it's been twelve weeks since I turned in my application, and guess what? No passport. I still have about a month left before I'm supposed to leave, but I'm getting anxious.


Heidi said...

Yikes. My passports have never taken that long. I'd get on the phone if I were you. Where'd you send it to anyway???

Octavia said...

10 Downing Street. Is that the wrong address?

Just kidding. The application process is really backed-up at the moment, because US citizens now need a passport to travel to places in North America and the Caribbean where they didn't used to need one. Hence there are many more applications than normal right now.

I'm actually planning to call the university's travel office tomorrow and see what they recommend. The State Department website says to contact ... um, the State Department, I guess ... wherever that is ... only if you're traveling in the next two weeks, which I'm not. Yet.