Tuesday, July 17, 2007

bunch of freaking LOSERS

I finally called the State Department today, and guess what? They totally can't help me. At all. I now have less than two weeks until my travel date, so I called the number for people who have less than two weeks until their travel date. I was only on hold for 42 minutes, which was much less time than I expected, but the person who talked to me could only tell me that my application was "in process" - which is what the #%$@ State Department website has been telling me for the past six weeks. The person on the phone said to call back on the 23rd, and they should have "updated" information then. So, hypothetically speaking, what happens if I call on the 23rd and my application is still "in process"? What are my options at that point? She responded, "Is there any way you could reschedule your trip?" No, not really.

Quick review: when I applied for my passport, on April 2nd, the State Department was estimating a 10- to 12-week wait. (In fact, their website still says 10 to 12 weeks.) I had approximately 17 weeks until my travel date. That's more than 12. Now, with 10 days left until I'm supposed to travel, their response is pretty much, "Uh, sorry about that."

On the plus side, I guess I can stop stressing about writing my paper.

Poll: would it be more grammatically correct to say that "The US State Department is a bunch of freaking losers," or "the US State Department are a bunch of freaking losers"? Discuss.

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Heidi said...

Oh my. That really does suck. I guess eventually you'll have a passport for future reference? Or something? I'm really sorry that it's turned out this way. I hope, well, maybe some little miracle will happen... The State Department is singular, as is a bunch, so I suspect is works just fine, though the collective entities in the State Department might be are...