Thursday, July 19, 2007

no more saga-ing today

I've had it for today. I really don't want to go to Houston, but I also really don't want to not go to Grasmere. I'll call the State Department on the 23rd and see if they have anything else to say. Right now I think I'm going to go alphabetize my CDs or something.


Nicole said...

this story makes me weary. and i'm on vacation so it takes a lot to make me weary.

give up, octavia. england is just not in the cards. you can take my place in calgary, though, because i've decided that i'm not going.

feel better?

Octavia said...

Hm, let me think ... do I want to go to Calgary? I honestly don't know. Apparently I know nothing about Calgary, except that it's in Alberta and they once held the Olympics there.