Monday, August 06, 2007

Long Meg

The monument commonly called Long Meg
- A poem by William Wordsworth

A weight of Awe not easy to be borne
Fell suddenly upon my spirit, cast
From the dread bosom of the unknown past,
When first I saw that family forlorn;
Speak Thou, whose massy strength and stature scorn
The power of years - pre-eminent, and placed
Apart, to overlook the circle vast.
Speak Giant-mother! tell it to the Morn,
While she dispels the cumbrous shades of night;
Let the Moon hear, emerging from a cloud,
At whose behest uprose on British ground
That Sisterhood in hieroglyphic round
Forth-shadowing, some have deemed the infinite
The inviolable God that tames the proud.

William Wordsworth 1822

Everyone, meet Long Meg:

Here's a shot from the other side. You can see the spirals carved into the rock.

Tha'ts Pratiti in the background. I have almost certainly spelled her name incorrectly.

And here's part of the stone circle.