Monday, August 06, 2007

Long Meg

The monument commonly called Long Meg
- A poem by William Wordsworth

A weight of Awe not easy to be borne
Fell suddenly upon my spirit, cast
From the dread bosom of the unknown past,
When first I saw that family forlorn;
Speak Thou, whose massy strength and stature scorn
The power of years - pre-eminent, and placed
Apart, to overlook the circle vast.
Speak Giant-mother! tell it to the Morn,
While she dispels the cumbrous shades of night;
Let the Moon hear, emerging from a cloud,
At whose behest uprose on British ground
That Sisterhood in hieroglyphic round
Forth-shadowing, some have deemed the infinite
The inviolable God that tames the proud.

William Wordsworth 1822

Everyone, meet Long Meg:

Here's a shot from the other side. You can see the spirals carved into the rock.

Tha'ts Pratiti in the background. I have almost certainly spelled her name incorrectly.

And here's part of the stone circle.


Heidi said...

Wa-hey! You are really in England. :) Have you got over to the other side of Windermere and visited Hill Top Farm? Aren't you loving the Lake District?

Nicole said...

hi, my name is octavia. look at me, all snooty, traveling around england. blah blah me, me me blah.

you better be bringing me a present.

Octavia said...

Whatever, Nicole. You lived in Paris, which is way snootier than England. And you didn't bring me anything when you went to Zion's.

Heidi said...

Hmmmm... I get the feeling you're not coming to visit me! :)

Octavia said...

Sorry, Heidi. :( Maybe next time. The schedule was actually really busy at the conference. We didn't even have time to go the Jerwood Center unless we skipped somebody's paper.

Heidi said...

Aye, well. These things happen. As long as there is a next time! :) Did you at least get to see Wordsworth's house?? Did Matt Bevis present at all? OR did anyone else from the Zoo (ie profs) present? I hope you had a grand and glorious time anyway! And that your paper went swimmingly. I'm sure it did!

Octavia said...

There has to be a next time. And no, your friend wasn't there AFAIK.