Monday, December 03, 2007

first snow

We got our first real snow of the season this past weekend.

The weather had been pretty warm until last week, and I just kept pretending that it was still kind of summer. Once it snowed, though, I realized how much time had passed and how much had happened since Grasmere.

The tree in our back yard that we thought was an apricot turned out to be a malnourished peach tree. We nourished it. I dared to eat a peach.

Halloween came and went. Link was a knight, and Peach was a ballerina. (Also pictured: cousins as cow and pumpkin.)

Peach really liked her "dance clothes," but I think she wants to be the knight next time.

And, oh yeah, my thesis. ::sigh:: I keep saying "I'm working on it," but it might be more accurate to say "I think about working on it quite a lot." It's morphed into something about Edgeworth and sensibility and family relationships, and how Edgeworth can be Romantic too, and how ubiquitous the concept of "sensibility" was in Romantic-era culture*. I turned in a new proposal to my committee, and they all more or less said "It sounds OK, but ..."

Blackwell wanted to know why Edgeworth (because she was immensely popular, and Austen seemed too obvious), and why it's important to say whether she was "Romantic," and whether she could properly be called Romantic given her conservative politics, and to what degree I would need to consider politics in the project.

Descartes wanted to know why we should be concerned about Sensibility now, after all the work that was done on the concept in the 90s.

Victoria wanted to know whether I thought I could effectively define Romantic/ism, Romantic ideology, and Sensibility, and whether it's reasonable to try to define them monolithically.


Yeah, I'm totally working on that.
*Really, it was one of those terms like "feminism" is now, where there's hardly anyone who hasn't heard of it, and everyone knows exactly what it means, but it means something different to everyone.