Friday, March 21, 2008

this is getting ridiculous

I just got rickrolled by Sports Illustrated. Twice.

I did NOT get rickrolled by In fact, Glen installed a firefox extension on my laptop so that no matter what youtube link I clicked on, it would always show me Rick Astley. He is in SO much trouble.

Obviously I meant that Glen is in trouble, not that Rick Astley is in trouble. While I feel that Astley must take some responsibility for perpetrating his particular flavor of 80s pop music on the world at large, I'd like to think that rickrolling was not his idea.

Commenter elricky was kind enough to post a link to some audio clips of an LAT interview with Astley himself, but the link is too long for the whole thing to appear in the comments. Here's the link. Yeah, I could have linked to this, but I thought it would be too obvious.


prism said...


Heidi said...

:-D You'll have to post about what sort of trouble he got into!

elricky said...

In the news recently, Rick himself talks about rickrolling. LA Times blog article with several audio clips:

Octavia said...

Awesome! He seems pretty cool about the whole thing. Bemused, not bewildered or annoyed as some other involuntary meme subjects have been.

Octavia said...

Trying to post the complete LAT link:

Anne-Marie said...

All I can say is, thank god the 80's are over.


Octavia said...

@ anne-marie: Aw, c'mon, you don't like Rick Astley's high-waisted pants and bouffant of doom?