Friday, April 18, 2008

happy happy

This, as nearly as I can recall, is the substance of a conversation I had with Glen this evening, around 6:30.

Me: Hey ... what's the date today?
Glen: The 18th.
Me: Are you sure?
Glen: [checking his watch] Yup. Today is Friday the 18th.
Me: Oh. Oops.
Glen: Why oops?
Me: The date "April 18th" doesn't ring any bells for you?
Glen: No, why?
Me: ...
Glen: Oh.
Me: Happy Anniversary, honey.

When we got married, Glen was working on his master's thesis (in Computer Science) and had already finished his coursework, and I was working full time, not going to school at all. We thought we'd be clever and get married during Finals, so there wouldn't be a gazillion students getting married at the same time.

Ten years later, I'm working on my master's thesis, and now our Anniversary falls in the middle of Finals week every time. Clever. This year, to celebrate my anniversary, I'll be grading exams and doing research for my thesis.

I still think marrying Glen was the smartest thing I ever did.


prism said...

send me a photo! Then and now, please??? Ok - you can wait until after finals. :-)

Heidi said...

I had no idea you were 4 years older than I am... lol. You don't look it at all!

Octavia said...

I am almost certainly older than you, but I don't recall giving away my age in that post ... are you sure you're doing the math right?

Nicole said...

ha. happy anniversary. and happy finals.

Heidi said...

OK. :) 4 and 1/2. So I was SLIGHTLY off. give me some credit! It's not hard to do math when you say in one post that you got married at a certain age, and then in another post that you've been married for 10 years. Simple addition, then subtract my age from that, and we have lift-off! I did, after all, manage to pass engineering mathematics at one point. Ask me if I remember any of it... haha!

Octavia said...

@ heidi: Um, OK. Do you remember any of it?

AnnieD said...

Definitely better to be a good husband than to remember the anniversary. Both together would be nice, but if I had to choose, I'd take the important one.

I agree with you about being recognized. I do think there's a bit of undervaluing myself in there, because if *no one* noticed the work I did, I'd be annoyed they never said thank you. But when someone does, I tend to get "aw shucks, it was nothing" on them which isn't very good to me. Hmm. Something to work on.

Octavia said...

@ annied: If it wasn't entirely clear from the post, I also forgot until 6:30 p.m. on the day of. But your point is well taken. I'd much rather have a guy who forgets our anniversary than a guy who remembers the anniversary but forgets to treat me well on all the other days.

And we are planning a trip to SF to celebrate - we just couldn't do it right now because of Finals and stuff.

Heidi said...

Nope! Except I did terribly in it (managed to pass by the skin of my teeth) but I actually really quite liked trying to figure out matrices and whatever the heck else we did in there.. plus the professor was funny. :-D

Patricia said...

What careful planning on your part! Very clever, indeed!