Tuesday, April 15, 2008

one down

Among the many benefits of working for Sister Mary Clarence (fun! adventure! bullet points on my resumé!) is the added bonus of having permission to use her office on campus. In addition to being quiet, comfortable, and relatively close to the library, her office has a lousy wireless connection, which is very helpful when I'm trying not to get distracted. So I went up on campus tonight to work on my draft.

By 11:30 or so, I felt like I had enough of a chapter to send it off to Blackwood. He's expecting it tomorrow morning. I haven't been this nervous about turning in a paper since ... well, probably the last time I took a class from Descartes, so maybe a year. Whatever. I'm very nervous. Which is putting a serious damper on the excitement I should feel at having written an actual chapter of my actual thesis, regardless of how rough a draft it is.


jkribbit said...

Congrats on finishing a chapter!

Octavia said...


Heidi said...

CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could say the same. :) When you get really worried and nervous, just think of me over here tearing my hair out and you'll feel much better! Hehe.