Friday, April 11, 2008

unless it isn't

There was a mandatory meeting today for everyone in the English MA program who is planning to graduate in August. The meeting was apparently held for the purpose of convincing us that we will NOT be graduating in August, because we are probably not ready, and won't be able to meet the department deadlines, and we shouldn't even THINK about asking for an exception, because the department DOES NOT CARE. Really, the message that I took away from the meeting was that we should all consider, very seriously, just putting it off for another semester. The graduate secretary even went so far as to estimate that of the 27 students who told her that they intend to graduate in August, only 12 of us actually will. Thanks! She did not indicate whether she already knew who the twelve would be, or if that was just a guess based on past averages.

The first deadline that looms in our path is coming up on May 23rd - that's the day we have to apply for graduation. That's 42 days from now. I haven't talked to Blackwood since the meeting, but I'm thinking that I should have a pretty good idea by then whether I'll be able to meet the rest of the deadlines or not.

In other news, I'll be teaching Boswell tomorrow ... I guess it's technically "today" at this point ... Friday the 11th. Sister Mary Clarence had hinted that she might go out of town this weekend, so I asked her on Wednesday if she would be here on Friday. She said she would. Then at about 4:30 Thursday afternoon, she called me up and said she wouldn't be here Friday, and would I go ahead and stand in for her. Well, yes, I had told her I would do it if she needed me to ... but then she told me she didn't need me to, so I didn't prepare. Silly me.

Don't get me wrong, I love to teach, and I really REALLY love teaching literature instead of writing and rhetoric for a change, but I kind of told Blackwood I'd have something for him to read tomorrow, and it's only halfway done. I tried working on it some more after my lesson plan was done, but my brain had already clocked out.

So, for those of you playing along at home, here's the score:

days till application deadline: 42
number of pages written: 8

I need to get a nifty graphic or something so I can post my score at the top of the blog every day. But I need to do that some other time. Right now I need to sleep.


Nicole said...

wow, that's intense. i almost wish i wasn't finished so that i too could have enjoyed that meeting.

Octavia said...

Lou Ann was at the top of her game. Even Blackwood was impressed. He said they've held that same meeting before, but this one was "really kick-ass."

Heidi said...

Blackwood makes me laugh. If it's who I'm thinking of, and the quote kinda gives it away, pass along my greetings! As far as Mrs. Grad Secretary, really, she's fab... lol. She just has to try to get us all out of there. Of course, if she were to take Karen's route, she might have a much better understanding of why it takes so long... Karen was much more sympathetic after she'd been working on the MA, teaching, AND being the comp administrative assistant for a couple of years! lol

Octavia said...

I think that language is fairly unusual for Blackwood ... you may be confusing him with Descartes.