Tuesday, April 22, 2008

why I love my university library ... and yours

The library at my university is large. Published statistics say it has 665,000 square feet of floor space, covered with 98 miles of shelving, holding more than 6 million items including books, periodicals, and other resources. Better yet, it's part of the interlibrary loan program, so if it doesn't have an item that I need, the library will borrow it from some other university and have it shipped here so I can use it. So not only do I have millions of books on hand that I can use, I basically have access to all the other university libraries that are part of the ILiad program as well. Which is how I came to be in possession of a book from the University of Oklahoma library. The book has a chapter about sensibility and Maria Edgeworth's Belinda, and wasn't among the 6 million items available locally. Thanks, OU! I've never been a big fan of your football team, but I'm now a big fan of your library.


Heidi said...

lol. I know what you mean about ILIAD. But guess what, we have to pay 2 pounds for every item we want. Even graduate students and staff have to do that... so I'm in the habit now of getting my cousin at the Y to scan and send stuff to me if I can't find it here and I don't exactly have the money to really pay for the interlending! It's ridiculous. The library here is actually crap.

Octavia said...

@ heidi: :( If I had to pay $4 every time I wanted to use ILiad ... well, I'd still do it, but I'd be really annoyed.