Wednesday, June 18, 2008

and speaking of coincidence ...

The final exam for my section of Composition was scheduled for this morning, from 9-11 a.m. Accordingly I went and hung out in my classroom, and waited for my students to come and turn in their finals. Sometime around 10:30 or so, the power went out. Hm. Probably not a scheduled outage, being in the middle of Finals. I called Information and asked if they knew why the power was out in my building. They didn't, but they would be happy to connect me to Campus Security so I could ask them.

After a few seconds, the information person came back on the line to tell me that Security's line was busy. I thought I could guess why.

The computer in my classroom was down because of the power outage, but I had my laptop with me, so I went to the University's web page to see if I could find a phone number for Facilities Management in my building. Searching the website, I found a link to "Facilities Management." That looked promising. Clicking the link, however, brought me here:

Yikes. All your facilities management are belong to us? The funny thing is, the FM page hack was completely unrelated to the power outage. I later found out that somebody, presumably in the physical plant, basically flipped a switch somewhere that cut the power to the entire campus (query: why do they have a switch like that?), but it was just an accident.

The hacked page has since been replaced with an "account suspended" message. I'm not a big fan of hackers, generally speaking, but I will admit that in this particular case they made a final exam period incrementally more interesting for me.


Heidi said...

Yeah, it wreaked havoc everywhere... especially in some of the places where I know sysadmin folks - like one of the departments where they are waiting for a new back-up power system to be put in place, and so their current back-up isn't working, so all their main servers went down as well. Oh joy.
That hack is pretty funny. The world comes to an end, even in that place you're at!

Nicole said...

i was giving a written final. in the basement of the jkb. in a windowless room. it

Octavia said...

@ nicole: So was I. Weird that we never saw each other last term; we must have been teaching at the same time and in the same building. My final wasn't taken in class, though; it was a revision. So I was the only one in the classroom right when the power went out.