Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OT (but I couldn't resist)

With college football season fast approaching, all sorts of media outlets are ramping up their coverage of the sport. [Query: why doesn't my spell check like the word "ramping"?] The various NCAA FBS leagues are currently holding "media days," wherein they make their coaches, and some players, available to the media for interviews and questions. All of this brings great joy to my heart, not only because I'm a fan of college football, but also because it leads to some truly fabulous quotes like the following ones, which I swear I am not making up:

- During Big 12 media days on Tuesday, Kansas State Coach Ron Prince had this to say about his starting quarterback, Josh Freeman: "The future is in front of him." Good place for it, if you ask me.

- Also during Big 12 media days, Colorado defensive tackle George Hypolite (go ahead, click the link to see his picture) explained to the media that the topic of his honors thesis is "the interrogation of African-American masculinity through a social constructionist, decolonial, feminist gaze." If you understood that, you are probably an English major, although he, astonishingly, is not. Bonus points if you figured out that his paper is about himself.

For the record, I found both quotes at The Quad, the NYT's college sports blog.


Patricia said...

Are you a football fan, Octavia?

Octavia said...

I am. Mostly college; I don't follow the NFL much. I really like the idea(l) of college sports: the athletes don't get paid (other than scholarships), so I like to pretend they're playing their hearts out because of abstracts like honor, pride in their own performance, in their team, in their school. Yeah, I know it's not really like that, but I love the idea.

Patricia said...

When did you interest in football begin? Bellarmine was known for their football team, weren't they?

Octavia said...

Most years Bell was known more for preppy sports - golf, tennis, soccer. My senior year we happened to be good at football for a change, beating perennial league heavyweight South Kitsap and going undefeated in the regular season.

I suppose my original interest in football came from watching NFL games on television with my family when I lived at home; that was where I learned the basics of how the game works. I'm still a nominal Seahawks fan, although as I said, I don't really watch NFL games anymore.