Tuesday, September 02, 2008

a message from the ether

I got an email from my superego today. (Subject line: "Thesis superego checking in.") My understanding of Freudian psychology is superficial at best, but I'm pretty sure that's unusual. Anyway, he informed me that he had looked into his crystal ball and foreseen that I would defend my thesis this semester. We've set up a meeting for Friday so we can talk about the specifics of how we can make that happen.

So if my thesis advisor is my superego, what does that make the other members of my committee? Or is the committee as a whole the superego, with Blackwood in this case acting as its representative? Or is the committee in turn merely a microcosm of the larger superego that is the university, or the academy? Is the superego even supposed to have representatives? I probably should have paid better attention to that part of Theory of Lit, but honestly I just thought Freud was kind of a loon.

Whatever. What I really wish is that my subconscious would send me an email and tell me what the main argument of my thesis is.


Heidi said...

Maybe that will happen next when the committee member who keeps telling you the ideas are "so last week" emails you to tell you what the subject of your thesis is... ;) We shall have to celebrate when you've defended!

Octavia said...

Yeah, except that he's going to say it's about Scotland. And I'm pretty sure it isn't.