Thursday, January 15, 2009

back on track

It took me a day longer than I had planned because of the periodicals debacle, but I got the first third of my revised draft (the Belinda section) sent off to Blackwood this morning at about 11:00. It took him so long to get back to me that I thought maybe my email hadn't gone through, so I sent him a second one to ask if he'd received the first one. I hated to be obnoxious, but I was kind of looking for a "yes, this is what I meant" or "no, you've completely misunderstood" before I put in any more work on it. Finally, around 8:30, he replied, and as it turned out, his answer was well worth the wait:

"I just read this through rather quickly, and it strikes me as spot on in its organization and focus. Definitely headed in the right direction. Well done."


I guess I'd better get started on the other two-thirds of it.

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jkribbit said...

Hooray! (That was me being your cheerleader...)