Tuesday, January 06, 2009

quick update

I dropped off a printed copy of my draft at Blackwood's office this morning. He has the electronic copy, obviously, but I prefer to work from a hard copy when I edit something this long, and it seemed discourteous to ask him to print the whole document with his own resources. Anyway, he said he'd get it back to me in a few days.

I also ran into Victoria while I was on campus. I told her I had just turned in my draft; she was pleased to hear that I was making progress, and expressed optimism at the possibility of meeting the deadlines for April graduation. I mentioned that I was really anxious to not let this drag on for another term if I could help it, since my due date is April 2nd, and she seemed a little surprised - she said she'd forgotten that I was pregnant. I was unduly flattered by the fact that she hadn't noticed when she looked at me. I've just finished my second trimester, and I'm starting to feel really obvious. Apparently the right coat covers a multitude of sins ... and also legitimate children.

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