Saturday, February 21, 2009

chaos and order

Link (almost 9) and Peach (almost 4) have very, very, very different personalities and approaches to life. Peach is interested in how things are supposed to be put together; Link is more interested in what will happen if he takes things apart. Link's idea of a good time is to take a box full of toys, turn it upside down, and shake it until everything falls out. Peach's idea of a good time is to take all the toys out of the box, sort them into groups, and arrange them in straight lines. If you give Peach a jigsaw puzzle, she will put it together so the picture matches the one on the box. If you give Link a jigsaw puzzle, he's just as likely to take the pieces and use them to build a three-dimensional robot sculpture. Both of the kids are very active and full of energy, but Link is a walking, talking wad of entropy, while Peach is his equal and opposite reaction.

I will let you guess which of these art projects was created by which child.

A hint, if you needed one: Link says his design was inspired by the idea of "fireworks." Which, come to think of it, seems wildly appropriate.


Nicole said...

holy crap, link is alex and peach is me.

AnnieD said...

Dibs on Peach as a research analyst!!!

Apparently, when I was 1, my parents left the grocery bags on the floor. I took out the eggs, cracked them all open, and sorted them between the white and the yellow. I believe this was my earliest demonstration of my future analytical abilities. CLEARLY the yellow and white do not go together. Geez.

Come to think of it, I still don't like eggs.

Octavia said...

@ Nicole: I know! It kind of makes me wonder what the baby will be like. More like Link? More like Peach? Some kind of combination?

It also makes me wonder what your and Alex's siblings are like.

Octavia said...

@ AnnieD: See, this gives me a lot of hope for Peach, because she is sometimes VERY INSISTENT that things be organized a certain way. And I always think that if she's this concerned about it when she's three, what's she going to be like when she's 23 and has a lot less control over her environment? But you turned out normal, so ... good news for Peach, I guess.

Octavia said...

And I meant that it makes me wonder what my impending baby will be like, if that wasn't clear.