Monday, February 09, 2009

still in revision

I've just sent off another revision to Blackwood. Hopefully it will resolve some of the more substantive concerns he had about presenting my argument, and why I chose the novels I did. The bad news is that this draft is still way, way, way too long. I made some significant cuts (well, they felt significant to me) but then had to add new material to make the connections more explicit between my argument and the stuff that was left. End result: better argument, but still at 40+ pages. Ironically, because I went to a lot of trouble in this revision to show exactly how the remaining material supports my argument, it's now more difficult for me to discern which parts of the text could be cut with the least effect on the argument. I can always tighten up the writing somewhat, but I don't think I can knock 15 pages off just with stylistic editing.

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