Wednesday, February 25, 2009

yeah, that'll work

I had a brief conversation with Blackwood today, and mentioned that I was having a hard time remembering what I'd read for my classes. He suggested that I look at my books and see what I had.

Ha. Of course he's never seen my bookshelves. I have, literally, hundreds of books. I have so many that I've run out of bookshelves to hold them all, meaning that some of them are still in boxes somewhere in my basement. Granted that some of them are obviously not titles that would have been required reading for my classes - Over Sea, Under Stone, for example, or Domain-Driven Design, whatever that is ... that one must be Glen's. On the other hand, I have critical editions of all Austen's novels except Sanditon and Lady Susan, but not all of them were required reading for my classes; some of them I bought for research I was working on, so I could mark the books as I read. I suppose looking through my books is a better option than hoping I'll just magically remember all the stuff I read in the Regency Lit class I took four years ago, but I am on a tight schedule here.

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