Saturday, March 28, 2009

so I have years of this to look forward to?

I had an anxiety dream last night. Details aren't really important; it had to do with packing up a ridiculous amount of stuff in time to catch a plane, a task that was clearly impossible to complete in the available time. Dreams like that were not uncommon when I was in school, for obvious reasons, but I woke up from this one feeling a little irritated because I already met all the deadlines for graduation. There is nothing else school-related for me to do. Note to my subconscious: I'm finished. There is no need for me to keep having these dreams, OK?

Apparently my experience is not unusual:Original version complete with swears at


prism said...

I think it *is* common - Sometimes I have those dreams, too.

Pamela said...

I have these recurring dreams where I'm back in high school. For some reason I have to retake a class or a whole year because for some reason my graduation didn't stick. Because it's an anxiety dream, usually I'm failing, or I've forgotten to go to one of them and it's a math or science class where I can't BS my way through making it up.

The funny thing is, every time, even in the dream I think, "Well, so what if I end up failing high school? I've already graduated from college!"

AnnieD said...

I have this dream. There's apparently 7 dreams that are most common: going to the dentist, showing up in public, naked; school failure; falling; flying; and I forget the others.

One time I had the school dream, and in the middle of the dream, I said, "I AM NOT doing this anymore!"

Last time I had that dream for... 3 years or so?

Octavia said...

@ AnnieD: I've had most of those at one time or another, I think, but the anxiety/failure one is most common for me.

I once had a vicarious naked-in-public dream: I dreamed that one of my friends showed up to a party naked, and, dream-logic being what it is, I just figured that I was in her dream somehow, and it would be kindest to pretend I didn't notice anything.