Saturday, March 14, 2009

what the henge?

I currently live in the American southwest. This area of the world has many fascinating natural and cultural features, such as

the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde, Colorado
photo: National Park Service

Arches National Park, Utah
photo: Flicka

Chaco Canyon ruins, New Mexico
photo: Dr. Tyler Nordgren

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
NPS photo by Peter Jones

But you know what we just don't have a lot of in the southwestern United States? Henges. We are significantly lacking in stone henges, stone circles, stone rings, and the like. So if I were going to build, say, a nursing/rehab facility in this area, "henge" is probably not a theme I would consider. It just seems like it would look out of place, not to mention being a difficult concept to design around. What kind of building looks like it belongs with a henge, anyway? Hint: not this one.This building does not say "Salisbury Plain" to me, or even "nursing facility," necessarily. If anything, it says "ski lodge," or, I don't know, "Best Western." Compare, for example, these condos in Park City, Utah (l) and the "Yellowstone Lodge" (r):

See? Would either of those buildings be aesthetically improved if someone plonked a wee little fake Stonehenge down in front of them? No, they would not. And neither is the other one.


Nicole said...

okay, i totally mean to pull over and take a picture of that place every time i drive past it, just so i can make fun of it on my blog. and now you've beat me to it. dang you.

Octavia said...

Sorry. It's on the way to my doctor's office, so I pass it not infrequently.